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Cranberry-Almond Breakfast Cereal Recipe

FRESH REC STOP RECIPE: Cranberry Almond Breakfast Cereal


This quick and easy on the go morning cereal will help infuse some calm into your hectic morning routine. This energizing Cranberry Almond Breakfast Cereal is a recipe from the Academy of Nutrition Dietetics. Try it at home and share your creations using #HealthyStPete on Instagram. Be sure to join the Healthy St. Pete Facebook Group.


Did you know that you can find fresh, affordable produce near you? Healthy St. Pete‘s Fresh Rec Stop program aims to increase access to produce at affordable prices in convenient locations throughout the community.


There are eleven Fresh Rec Stop locations throughout the city including ten recreation centers and Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. Follow the link to find a location near you!

 Cranberry Almond Breakfast Cereal