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The Healthier Together Initiative within Healthy St. Pete launched in October 2019.  It helps to engage community partners and elevate the progress being made across all sectors.  There are three phases of the Healthier Together Initiative.  Healthier Together Ambassadors are stakeholders in specific wellness related industries such as nutrition, mental health, environmental health, fitness, financial health and children's health.  Six ambassadors are featured each quarter and they are able to address issues in their industry and introduce programming.   October 6-12 -

    Everyone who lives, works & plays in St. Petersburg has a story, what's yours?   Tell us your Healthy St. Pete story.   How do you, your family, and your community EAT, SHOP, LIVE and PLAY healthy in the 'Burg?   Use the #HealthyStPete hashtag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to share your story and your pictures.  Each month, six Instagram photos will be chosen to be featured on the Healthy St. Pete website (HealthyStPeteFL.com).    We'd like to hear about your experiences, your accomplishments and

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CITY OF ST. PETERSBURG Parks and Recreation Department   Healthy St. Pete Launches Healthier Together, Healthy St. Pete Ambassador Programs   St. Petersburg, FL (October 2019) – On Tuesday, October 8, Healthy St. Pete will launch the Healthier Together and the Community Ambassador Program, giving voice to community leaders and providing a new way for community members to interact.   Healthy St. Pete, working towards a culture of health, has created the Healthier Together Initiative. Healthier Together aims to begin conversations with local health

Anyone who’s ever organized a dinner party has had a small taste of what it takes to meet disparate interests. The selection and planning process can be a painstaking “she-eats-this-but-is-allergic-to-that” journey. Okay, imagine every single guest has these different, often life or death needs and now you have a taste of collaboration between multiple organizations. St. Petersburg’s Healthy St. Pete initiative has taken on this feisty collaborative role as the mobilizing force of the newly formed Health360 program. Born out of

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (August 7, 2018) – The League of American Bicyclists, the national bicycling and advocacy organization, has recognized 11 more St. Pete businesses with the Bike-Friendly Business (BFB) certification. This totals 32 certified bike-friendly businesses in St. Pete, ranking the city No. 4 in the nation.   Read More: City of St. Pete Press Release Originally published August 7, 2018