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Produce in the Heart of St. Pete: Brick Street Farms

By: Madeline McNaughton, Brick Street Farms (Healthier Together Certified Workplace)


woman holding lettuceBrick Street Farms is leading the way in the evolution of agriculture and doing it the right way! As we all become more aware of the impacts of climate change and where agricultural monoliths are falling short for our communities, we see a glaring emphasis on the need for institutional change and a focus on our communities’ health and wellbeing.

St. Petersburg residents deserve access to nutrient-rich foods without struggle or strife. That is why at Brick Street Farms we are passionate about getting nutritious, earth-friendly food where it needs to go!


Stepping into one of our THRIVE containers is like stepping onto a spaceship in the year 3000. We grow 48 acres of farmland on a 1/3rd acre lot. Who knew plants could grow better, faster, and healthier like this?! Our crops are grown in a fully customized environment according to what each species needs. The light, nutrients, temperatures, airflow and spacing are all carefully designed to produce the best and healthiest greens you have ever tasted.

Not only do we grow and sell nutritious foods to improve your quality of life, we are also constantly improving our containers. Installing solar energy and building mini water treatment plants at each new location is just the beginning. Our produce never travels more than 30 miles to its destination, massively reducing carbon emissions. Let’s eat like the planet depends on it!

Did you know that Healthy St. Pete has eleven different locations for their Fresh Rec Stop locations? We are so excited to announce that we will be donating up to 65 pounds of produce to stock these fridges where you can get our leafy greens at no charge! Stop by your nearest Fresh Rec Stop, swing by Brick Street Farm’s Market, or visit our website and order online to try some of these sustainable foods of the future.

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brick street hoursHow can you help support our mission? By becoming a Farm Member, you are investing in our urban hydroponic farm and in your community! Your money will go directly to our farmers and farm operations, to the future of our food system and long-term sustainability, back into our community by supporting other small businesses in our BSF Market, and to our non-profit organization Desert Farm Foundation. We offer two membership levels, which come with their own perks! Come by the Market to sign up (we would love to say hello) or visit our website at https://brickstreetfarms.com/become-a-member/ to check out what these memberships include!!

Thank you to everyone who has believed in our mission and supported us thus far. We are excited about the future and look forward to meeting you!