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By Sarah Wiemert, Planner II   The Healthy Food Action Plan focuses on uplifting and expanding aspects of the St. Petersburg food system that residents identified as priority initiatives during the community engagement phase of the Plan. A food system is an integral part of communities. But what exactly is a food system, and how does it influence whether a community is thriving?   Food Systems 101 A food system is a collection of physical processes and abstract ideas that interact with people, communities, and

By Sarah Wiemert, Food Systems Planner   Healthy St. Pete is excited to be facilitating, through community participation and organizational partnership, a Healthy Food Action Plan. Funded by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the Healthy Food Action Plan will guide short- and long-term projects, partnerships, and policies that address food access issues in Healthy Food Priority Areas to promote health equity in St. Petersburg. It will improve access to and education about healthy, affordable food sources and agencies, increase the