St Pete Healthy Kids

Youth Programs


Healthy Kids aims to give St. Petersburg’s youth the knowledge and tools to live their healthiest life. Throughout the year, our team of Community Health Leaders work to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and encourage health behaviors in children and families by offering interactive lessons on different dimensions of health, including mental, environmental, physical and well-being.  Healthy Kids utilizes the Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) Program, an evidenced-based curriculum based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Coordinated School Health Model. The model uses eight interactive components to encourage youth to practice healthful eating and increase physical activity.

Check out the Healthy Kids at Home curriculum for fun content and activities for the whole family. The social-emotional themed curriculum is available to use and download for schools, families and out-of-school time providers.


play packs

Healthy St. Pete in partnership with St. Pete Run Fest and Humana distributed 644 Recess Play Packs to 22 elementary schools in St. Petersburg in September 2021.  These Recess Play Packs included frisbees, balls, jump ropes and other play equipment for students to utilize during recess. To date Healthy St. Pete distributed a total of 950 Play Packs to students and St. Petersburg classrooms.

St. Pete Run Fest, Humana, and Healthy St. Pete each recognize the benefits of unstructured free play during the school day and wanted to provide both equipment and activities for youth in the community.  In a collaborative effort, a complementary HealthyKids Run Club training program and kit was also provided to each school.  The 10-week training program outlines activities, stretches and games to prepare kids to participate in a race event.  The once weekly run club can be facilitated by school staff members, parents, or community volunteers. It can be an after-school program or integrated into classroom/PE daily activities.  Most materials need for run club, including bracelets for counting laps, are included in the kit.