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The ‘PLACES Local Places for Better Health’ dashboard, created in partnership Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, shows that approximately 24% of adults in St. Petersburg report being physically inactive in the past 30 days and 34.9% report having high blood pressure. In some areas of the city as much as 51.4% of adults report having high blood pressure. These indicators along with other health risks put our residents and future generations at greater risk for developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Chronic diseases are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems. Health problems, such as these, affect our community’s quality of life, our productivity and, ultimately, our length of life. 


Health conditions and health outcomes can change by working together.  That is why in our role as servant leaders we will bring important partners to the table to advance health in this city.  Through Healthy St. Pete, we will implement institutional change, build community capacity through education and partnership, and implement innovative projects to advance St. Petersburg’s health and well-being.


Community Engagement

Healthy St. Pete partnered in 30 community events and with 76 community organizations to build a culture of health in our city; these partnerships elevated health as a shared value and established a pathway for collective impact, afforded opportunities for fitness, and encouraged healthy behaviors resulting in 13,933 engaged residents of all ages. Get Fit St. Pete program offered monthly fitness classes led by community volunteer trainers resulted in 96 hours of free community fitness instruction resulting in 2,200 people receiving free instruction.  Healthier Together Initiative, which aims to increase collaborative solutions to improve community health, offered quarterly Healthier Together workshops and increase engagement, awarded 38 new Healthier Together Certifications to business and neighborhood partners, and elevated 24 Healthy St. Pete Ambassadors who helped inform and promote a culture of health throughout the city.

Impactful Service

The Healthy Kids Program taught 110 health and wellness lessons offered at 20 locations and engaged 1,607children in the community. In partnership with the Summer Food Service Program, Healthy St. Pete distributed 659 free meals at Dell Holmes Park to residents. The Health360 program, in partnership with community organizations, offered 132 evidenced-based health and wellness classes and expanded the program focusing on varying abilities and ages. This impactful program is focused on improving health outcomes using a collaborative, community-based approach by leveraging the resources and expertise of subject matter experts. Through generous community donations and a commitment to ensure children have access to fitness equipment the Play Healthy program expanded its reach to all 24 St. Petersburg public schools and distributed 1,100 Play Packs. The Play Packs included physical fitness equipment, fitness activities, interactive family engagement ideas.


Healthy St. Pete expanded the Neighborhood Wellness Champion Program to include 15 different community champions from across the city. The purpose of the program to increase collaboration and engagement between Healthy St. Pete and neighborhoods throughout the city.  Healthy St. Pete continued to implement a Health in All Policies (HiAP) framework throughout city departments by purposefully including health in the decision-making processes for programs, projects, policies, and plans. Some of the innovative ways city departments are taking a HiAP approach include city grant programs focusing on health-promoting projects and project uses, capital improvements projects, urban agriculture land development recommendations, food systems and food action planning, trail signage and connectivity. One of the most notable achievements related to HiAP include a citywide parks asset mapping project that serves as a catalyst for changes in how the city maintains and plans for its assets on parkland.

The Healthy St. Pete Employee Wellness program increased engagement by offering 290 different health and wellness classes, onsite preventative health screenings, immunizations clinics, and launched new programs to increase healthy behaviors, understanding that having a healthy and thriving workforce is critical to building a culture of health in our city.

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Healthy St. Pete Coordinator: Kim Lehto

            Community Health Leaders: Deardis Peters, Melissa Scoggin, Justin Daye, Taylor Tegarden