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“Join me on this mission and take a pledge to yourself and to your community to make St. Pete one of the healthiest cities in America!”

– Deputy Mayor and City Administrator Dr. Kanika Tomalin


Approximately 27% of adults in St. Petersburg report being physically inactive in the past 30 days and 33% report having high blood pressure.  These indicators put our residents as well as future generations at greater risk for developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Chronic diseases are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems. Health problems such as these affect our community’s quality of life, our productivity, and ultimately our length of life. 

A healthier St. Petersburg should be a vital priority for businesses, families, and community leaders.


Health conditions and health outcomes can change by working together.  That is why in our role as servant leaders we will bring important partners to the table to advance health in this city.  Through Healthy St. Pete, we will implement institutional change, build community capacity through education and partnership, and implement innovative projects to advance St. Petersburg’s health and well-being.


Each year Healthy St. Pete serves the community and engages with more than 18,000 City of St. Petersburg residents. In 2019, Healthy St. Pete partnered with more than 62 community events and organizations. The Healthy Kids program taught 131 evidence-based health and wellness lessons in 20 locations across the city and engaged 2,577 children. The Get Fit St. Pete program partnered with local fitness trainers who volunteered to teach 69 free group fitness classes. The Health360 program partnered with various community organization to offer 222 health and wellness classes and offered $2,680 worth of fresh produce vouchers.

Summer BreakSpot at Dell Holmes Park provided 1,376 free meals ensuring that families who need it most have a chance to eat healthy.

The annual Healthy St. Pete Fit City 5K and 1 Mile Run, increased participation by 60%, with 800 enthusiasts joining the celebration of health and wellness. Fresh Rec Stop program finished the fiscal year selling a total of 8,484 pieces of produce at six locations, with 1,603 participants and hosted 28 on-site tasting events.

The city hired its first Health Planner and began implementing Health in All Policies to advance healthy public policy. Healthy St. Pete social media and outreach expanded with a new Facebook group and a refresh of the Healthy St. Pete website took place. Healthy St. Pete officially took over the City of St. Petersburg Employee Wellness Program impacting approximately 3,000 city employees.

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Community Members Engaged in 2019

Community Events Supported

Facebook Group Members

Children in HealthyKids Programs

Participants in Get Fit St. Pete Classes

Free Outdoor Exercise Zones



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Deputy Mayor and City Administrator, Dr. Kanika Tomalin

Healthy St. Pete Coordinator, Kim Lehto

Community Engagement Supervisor, Christie Bruner

Health in All Policies Planner, Cassidy Mutnansky

Employee Wellness Supervisor, Jenna Botelho

            Community Health Leaders: Ketmana Howell, Melissa Scoggin, Lilly Wysong