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Health starts long before illness. It starts in our families, schools, workplaces, places of worship, and neighborhoods. Everyone in our community should have the opportunity to make choices that allow them to live a long, healthy life, regardless of their income, education, or ethnic background. We must work together to elevate health as a shared value and build a culture of health in our city.


Health conditions and health outcomes can change by working together.  That is why in our role as servant leaders we will bring important partners to the table to advance health in this city.  Through Healthy St. Pete, we will implement institutional change, build community capacity through education and partnership, and implement innovative projects, policies, and programs to advance St. Petersburg’s health and well-being.

Florida Recreation & Park Association Innovative Programming 2022 Award2022 Impact – Principles for Accountable & Responsive Government


Healthy St. Pete partnered in 70 community events and with 76 community organizations to build a culture of health in our city; these partnerships elevated health as a shared value and established a pathway for collective impact, afforded opportunities for fitness, and encouraged healthy behaviors resulting in 11,175 engaged residents of all ages. The Healthy St. Pete Program received the 2022 Innovation in Programming award from the Florida Park & Recreation Association for the creation and implementation of the Healthier Together Initiative.


The Get Fit St. Pete program offered monthly fitness classes led by community volunteer trainers resulted in 90 free community fitness classes. In partnership with AARP and Fit Lot, Healthy St. Pete offered 54 free community fitness classes taught by certified trainers.  Healthier Together Initiative, which aims to increase collaborative solutions to improve community health, offered quarterly Healthier Together workshops engaging 415 participants, awarded 21 new Healthier Together Certifications to business and neighborhood partners, and elevated 18 Healthy St. Pete Ambassadors who helped inform and promote a culture of health throughout the city. The Healthy Kids Program offered evidence-based health at 20 locations and engaged 2,637 children in the community. In partnership with BayCare, the Healthy Kids program distributed 334 Play Packs to St. Petersburg elementary schools to encourage physical activity in youth through the Play Healthy Initiative and offered onsite nutrition and fitness classes and events. To date Healthy has distributed 1,356 Play Packs. The Health 360 program offered 102 free evidence-based lessons on topics such as financial wellness, fitness, healthy eating, and cooking for children and adults. Health 360 launched “Healthy for Life”, a new educational series offering 13 free classes and engaging 193 participants. This impactful program is focused on improving health outcomes using a collaborative, community-based approach by leveraging the resources and expertise of subject matter experts to offer chronic disease education.


Healthy St. Pete expanded the Neighborhood Wellness Champion Program to include 20 different community champions from across the city. The purpose of the Neighborhood Wellness Champion Program to increase collaboration and engagement between Healthy St. Pete and neighborhoods throughout the city to build a culture of health and connect community members to health and wellness resources.  The City of St. Petersburg is focused on intentionally incorporating health and equity considerations into the City’s decision-making process. Healthy St. Pete created a Health Equity resource page that outlines city driven projects, policies, programs, and plans that offer information on the ways city departments are working to improve health outcomes for all residents of St. Petersburg. To further the city’s work surrounding food access and security Healthy St. Pete published a detailed Healthy Retailer Map that illustrates programs and links it to health risk information using other dashboard connections.

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Summer Food Service & After School Snack Programs

The Parks and Recreation Department, through grants received from the US Department of Agriculture through the state of Florida, served 183,041 after school snacks, and through the Summer Food Service Program served 37,131 summer breakfasts, and 46,284 summer lunches to children ages 18 or under in 2022.  In addition to coordinating the Summer Food Service Program, Healthy St. Pete operated a meal distribution site at Dell Holmes Park and distributed 653 free meals to youth in the community.

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Florida Recreation & Park Association Innovative Programming 2022 Award


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Healthy St. Pete Coordinator: Kim Lehto

Healthy Programs Supervisor: Meagan Young

Health Program Specialists: Erin Fitzgerald, Rhenelle Mc Sween Navarro

Community Health Leaders: Melissa Scoggin, Dakota Priest, Garrett Simpson

Food Systems Planner II: Sarah Wiemert

Summer Food Service Program: Kathleen Drayton