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The Healthier Together Initiative within Healthy St. Pete launched in October 2019.  It helps to engage community partners and elevate the progress being made across all sectors.  There are three phases of the Healthier Together Initiative.  Healthier Together Ambassadors are stakeholders in specific wellness related industries such as nutrition, mental health, environmental health, fitness, financial health and children's health.  Six ambassadors are featured each quarter and they are able to address issues in their industry and introduce programming.   October 6-12 -

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CITY OF ST. PETERSBURG Parks and Recreation Department   Healthy St. Pete Launches Healthier Together, Healthy St. Pete Ambassador Programs   St. Petersburg, FL (October 2019) – On Tuesday, October 8, Healthy St. Pete will launch the Healthier Together and the Community Ambassador Program, giving voice to community leaders and providing a new way for community members to interact.   Healthy St. Pete, working towards a culture of health, has created the Healthier Together Initiative. Healthier Together aims to begin conversations with local health

By: Jenny Miller Owner, The Body Electric Yoga Company Healthy St. Pete Ambassador - October   I see people getting frustrated in my hot classes. They look around the room, like, did she seriously just ask us to do that? Or, it’s too hot in here, right? I understand, because finding that sweet spot between effort and ease is hard for me, too. In yoga we try to balance sthira and sukha; we are firm and resolute in our muscles and minds, but happy

By: The Drs. Wojnowich City of St. Petersburg Wellness Clinic I am certain that through the Healthy St. Pete forum you have and will continue to learn plenty about the benefits of healthy eating and physical activity. What may often be overlooked but is no less significant is the value of sleep to the vitality of our lives. In fact, we are such amazingly built organisms that even in our sleep we are capable of doing wonders for our own health and wellbeing. It is believed

We all know the basics of living healthy – eating right, exercise, getting enough sleep. But did you know that your social life is a critical part of your physical health? Researchers have shown that loneliness and isolation are as damaging to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and is more dangerous that other risk factors such as obesity, www.campaigntoendloneliness.org. This isn’t about being an extroverted party animal; it’s about developing close friendships that you can rely upon.