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By Garrett Simpson, Community Health Leader   January is pomegranate and citrus season, so this salad is the perfect combination to enjoy these fruits at their best. Citrus fruits are rich in multiple nutrients such as vitamin C and fiber can reduce inflammation. Pomegranates can aid in skin health and in digestion. So give this recipe a try and start your year off with a bright and zesty kick!   Did you know that you can find fresh, affordable produce near you? Healthy St. Pete‘s Fresh

By Rhenelle Mc Sween-Navarro, Community Health Specialist   The festive season is synonymous with joy, indulgence, and quality time spent with loved ones. However, it is also a time when our fitness routines often take a back seat. While it is tempting to surrender to the allure of holiday treats and cozy nights in, maintaining a balance with regular exercise can make a significant difference in how we feel during and after the holidays.   Festive Workouts: A Jolly Twist to Fitness Incorporate the holiday

By Garrett Simpson, Community Health Leader   This is a recipe that is all around just good for you. With the summer coming to an end, we should take a moment and appreciate the sweet and tangy combination. Watermelon is in season and is very nutritious. Watermelon contains an antioxidant called Lycopene. It is linked to decreasing risks in cancer, heart disease, and age-related eye diseases.  It is also the compound that gives our favorite fruits and veggies their red color! Chimichurri

Melissa and her team offer a FREE Cardio Sport class the THIRD Saturday of every month. This team based fitness / training experience is designed to replicate the excitement and energy of a sports game, mixed with a concert vibe. Learn more here.   Meet Your Cardio Sport Instructor Name: Melissa Gwinn   Hometown: Wareham, Massachusetts   Affiliation: Owner/Manager/Lead Trainer- Cardio Sport St. Pete   Years in the industry: 11   How did you get into Cardio Sport? I found Cardio Sport in 2011 at my hometown local gym. I grew bored of

By Coach Tii, Community Wellness Ambassador   Before I started coaching, I would got to the gym, do an hour of “fasted-cardio” and then maybe do some crunches and leave. It always felt good afterward, but I wasn’t consistent enough because I was bored out of my mind. I dreaded going, and often would leave mid-cardio sessions and tell myself it was enough. I had no formal coaching or training and was in the early stages of my exercise science degree, so