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How Exercise Benefits Mental Health

By: Daven Borders, Community Health Leader


No matter how you feel about exercise, it is not difficult to see all the benefits that it brings. Of course, everyone has their reasons for why they start working out but adding it into your daily routine is highly beneficial.

A regular exercise routine can help you boost blood flow, decrease stress, ensure you stay hydrated, keep you lean, and increase your overall strength. So, no matter what kind of exercise you take up, walking, Pilates, yoga, or just some daily cardio, you are sure to get good things out of it.


Exercise and its Impact on Mental Health

Most people assume that working out is only beneficial if you want to lose weight or tone your body. But there are other benefits. Regular exercise boosts your mental health and helps you keep away unnecessary stress and even sadness! You might find a lot of mental and emotional peace once you start exercising. Let us examine some of the benefits it has on your mental health.


#1: Stress-relief

We have touched on this a little but let us explore this benefit more. When you start exercising, you are moving your body. When your body starts to move regularly, your brain releases chemicals that have been shown to fight off stress. Exercise helps release both endorphins and dopamine, which contribute to overall happiness, a feeling of lightness, and makes you feel more balanced emotionally.

Some people get addicted to exercise for this very reason. Think about how happy you feel after you have finished working out, I mean it could be because you are happy to get out of the gym lol. But If you have ever heard of or experienced a ‘runner’s high,’ you will understand what I am talking about. Exercising releases a rush of happy hormones, and it can make you feel euphoric. Therefore, you will feel less stressed and anxious overall!


#2: Better Sleep

Did you know that a regular sleep cycle leads to better mental health? When you incorporate exercise into your routine, you will feel tired and want to hit the bed at the end of the day. Your body will recover and heal while you sleep, ensuring that you wake up as the best version of yourself.

With your brain’s circadian rhythm restored, you will be able to see any gains from your workout faster. You will get more out of the workout in more ways than one.


#3: Increased Confidence

We have all felt insecure about something before whether it was speaking, walking into a room or insecure about how we look it happens. However, if you have enough willpower to counter this by hitting the gym, you will be in good shape both physically and mentally. Your body will feel stronger, faster, and more capable day by day. You will also start to feel more physically attractive overall.

Working out will go a long way in adding a huge boost to your self-image and, therefore, will increase your confidence. You will feel productive when you work out and will feel like you’re getting a lot more done in your day. All of this will add to better emotional and mental health!



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