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Healthy St. Pete’s new Healthier Together Initiative launched in October 2019 to help engage and elevating health and wellness among community partners and residents.  There are three phases of the Healthier Together Initiative:

Phase One: Healthier Together Ambassadors—
Ambassadors are stakeholders in specific wellness related industries, such as nutrition, mental health, environmental health, fitness, financial health and children’s health, and lend their subject matter expertise to elevate various health topics. Six ambassadors are featured each quarter. They address issues in their industry and introduce programming. Our inaugural round of Healthier Together Ambassadors included the following:

October 6-12 – Jenny Miller, The Body Electric

October 20-26 – Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, United Way Suncoast

November 3-9 – Carla Bristol, Youth Farms at Enoch Davis

November 17-23 – Denise Whitfield, National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)

December 1-7 – Mallory Carteaux, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

December 15-21 – Dr. Mona Mangat, Bay Area Allergy & Asthma

Phase Two: Healthier Together Workshops—

The workshops, held quarterly, are meant to be interactive opportunities that allow the community to take part in the Healthy St. Pete movement through networking and collaboration. Community conversations on key issues will be a highlight of these inclusive events. Health and wellness professionals and residents are invited to join the discussion.

Phase Three:  Healthier Together Certification Program—

This program will be an opportunity for businesses, neighborhoods, nonprofits, and schools in St. Petersburg to ensure health is a shared value by encouraging them to examine their current health promoting policies or practices, provide local health resources and information, offer health promoting policy improvements, and act as a business recognition and networking engagement.  Healthier Together Ambassadors Program and Healthier Together Workshops are currently underway; the Healthier Together Certification Program will launch in late 2020. Another round of new ambassadors will be featured again beginning the week of February 3! Check out the Healthy St. Pete Facebook group for more information and to interact with the next cohort of Ambassadors.