St Pete Healthy News

February 2023

  This quick and easy on the go morning cereal will help infuse some calm into your hectic morning routine. This energizing Cranberry Almond Breakfast Cereal is a recipe from the Academy of Nutrition Dietetics. Try it at home and share your creations using #HealthyStPete on Instagram. Be sure to join the Healthy St. Pete Facebook Group.   Did you know that you can find fresh, affordable produce near you? Healthy St. Pete‘s Fresh Rec Stop program aims to increase access to produce at affordable

By Jennifer Glowacki, Community Wellness Ambassador   One small change can change your whole life. If I cut 200 calories out of my daily caloric intake every day for one year, I have saved myself 73,000 calories. An example would be one beverage per day or one snack/mini candy bar. That is 20 pounds of weight loss through one small change.   Making change is about consistent and small steps forward. We do not get to 60 years old and then expect to save two million dollars to retire

  You are invited to join Healthy St. Pete’s upcoming Healthier Together Workshop on February 23, 2023.   Healthy St. Pete’s Healthier Together Initiative aims to connect local health and wellness experts, organizations, and residents to start a conversation on wellness in St. Petersburg through the Healthier Together Certification program and Healthier Together Workshops.   At the upcoming workshop, you can expect a program update from the Healthy St. Pete team, a mindfulness in nature activity, informative presentations from local wellness experts, as well as

By Erin Fitzgerald, Health Program Specialist   Each year heart disease kills more than 600,000 Americans and is the leading cause of death in the United States. Heart disease is preventable by incorporating healthy lifestyle habits. Building a strong heart is one of the best things you can do by incorporating exercise in your routine! People who don’t exercise are twice as likely to develop heart disease than those who exercise regularly. Experts recommend aiming for 150 minutes of moderate activity weekly.   Here