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One Small Change

One Small Change Can Change Your Whole Life

By Jennifer Glowacki, Community Wellness Ambassador


One small change can change your whole life. If I cut 200 calories out of my daily caloric intake every day for one year, I have saved myself 73,000 calories. An example would be one beverage per day or one snack/mini candy bar. That is 20 pounds of weight loss through one small change.


Making change is about consistent and small steps forward. We do not get to 60 years old and then expect to save two million dollars to retire in one year. Your wellness and fitness are not a quick fix decision. It is about the long-term. You are investing in your health or debiting from your health bank everyday by each action that you take.


Ask yourself what one investment you are willing to make for your health each day. Imagine if you did that one thing for the whole year. The people that succeed in life are not those that hit it the hardest out of the gate. They are the people that consistently show up day in and day out making a step forward everyday they are there.


I have chosen that regardless of what happens in my life I will move every day. Even if that is five minutes of stretches, or a ten-minute walk, I will move. This movement has led to daily exercise that is clockwork no matter how I feel. My body does not know how not to move like getting up and eating breakfast, brushing my teeth, and getting dressed, my daily movement is a permanent habit.


Make one commitment today. Put money in your health bank. It could save your life! One of my client’s has watched three of his friends die of heart attacks in the past two years. He decided to change his narrative by getting on a wellness journey. Today, after two years of daily effort towards his health, he has a clean bill of health at 70 years old after chronic heart problems his whole life.


It is never too late. Start now and invest in you. That is not an investment you will ever regret.


Jennifer runs Best Day Fitness, a premier preventative health facility with sports massage, rehab, personal training, wellness coaching, and physical therapy.