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Eating an Alkaline Diet

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The human body is made-up of trillions of cells that are living and need to be treated a particularly way in order to function optimally and perform for a long period of time. Isn’t this remarkable? Knowing the foods that are put into your mouth can dictate how well you perform, how good you feel, and the future of your health?
The science of eating an alkaline diet is nourishment on a cellular level; using foods as the fuel that speak to the cellular makeup of the body to keep tissue, organs, happy and healthy.
 Disease, sickness, cancers and the like are caused from inflammation in a particular region of the body. Most foods today are highly acidic, and acid causes a buildup of mucus. This mucus inflamed environment is the perfect atmosphere to create an illness, pain, infection, viruses and other serious sickness.
 What is alkaline and acidic mean? Functionality of life greatly depends on the pH levels of living organism and their environment. The ph levels indicate the amount of hydrogen in a substance; measured on a scale of 0 to 14. 0 to 6 is acidic, with 0 being most acidic having more hydrogen ions. 7 is neutral, a balance right in the middle of acidic and alkaline. 7 to 14 are alkaline, with 14 being most alkaline.
 Let’s put into perspective some environments. The blood is around 7.4, water is neutral at 7 and the stomach is 1.5-3, while the small intestine is 7.5-8.8. The stomach is one of the most acidic places in the body to help start digestion of food and to kill harmful microorganisms eaten from foods. Once food is moved into the small intestine the environment is more alkaline.
The point in eating an alkaline diet is to keep the ph of the body higher, more alkaline so keeping mucus levels more in balance and not in excess from eating acidic foods. When eating alkaline there are no animal products including fish, no dairy, no alcohol, nor hybrid foods. Hybrid foods are genetically modified (GMO) and are not 100% from nature. There are many fruits and veggies that are GMO and have been made by man, mostly foods without seeds.
On the alkaline diet it is advised not to eat canned foods. It’s best to drink Natural Spring Water. When eating fruits be sure to go with the seeded foods, I mean, what real food doesn’t have seeds? One that was genetically made. Alkaline foods are 100% from nature, not man or an animal. Therefore these natural foods are nutritious with vitamins and minerals from the earth, and great for the human body.
Below is a list of some very common alkaline foods, with few that are hard to find, but can be found usually in Asian or Island inspired markets.
Some Alkaline Choices
– Apple
– Banana, Burro, Thai or small ones
– Berries, all expect cranberries
– Elderberries
– Cantaloupe
– Cherries
– Coconut
– Currants
– Dates
– Figs
– Grapes
– Key Limes
– Mango
– Melons
– Orange
– Papayas
– Peaches
– Pears
– Plums
– Prickly Pear, aka Cactus Fruit
– Prunes
– Raisins
– Soursops
– Tamarind
– Amaranth Greens, aka Callaloo
– Avocado
– Chayote
– Cucumber
– Dandelion Greens
– Garbanzo Beans
– Izote, Cactus Flower/Leaf
– Kale
– Lettuce, expect Iceburg
– Nopales
– Okra
– Olives
– Onions
– Sea Vegetables
– Squash
– Tomato, Cherry and Plum/Roma only
– Tomatillo
– Turnip Greens
– Zuccini
– Watercress
– Purslane
– Wild Arugula
– Amarnath
– Fonio
– Kamut
– Quinoa
– Rye
– Spelt
– Tef
– Wild Rice
Herbal Teas
– Burdock Root
– Chamomile
– Elderberry
– Fennel
– Ginger Root
– Raspberry
– Tila
Nuts & Seeds
– Brazil Nuts
– Hemp Seeds
– Sesame Seeds
– Tahini Butter
– Walnuts
– Avocado Oil
– Coconut Oil, do not cook
– Grapeseed Oil
– Hempseed Oil
– Olive Oil, do not cook
– Sesame Oil
Spices & Seasonings
– Achiote
– African Bird Pepper
– Agave Syrup
– Basil
– Bay Leaf
– Cayenne
– Cloves
– Date Sugar
– Dill
– Habanero Pepper
– Onion Powder
– Oregano
– Sage
– Savory
– Sea Salt
– Seaweed
– Tarragon
– Thyme
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