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NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CITY OF ST. PETERSBURG Parks and Recreation Department   Healthy St. Pete Launches Healthier Together, Healthy St. Pete Ambassador Programs   St. Petersburg, FL (October 2019) – On Tuesday, October 8, Healthy St. Pete will launch the Healthier Together and the Community Ambassador Program, giving voice to community leaders and providing a new way for community members to interact.   Healthy St. Pete, working towards a culture of health, has created the Healthier Together Initiative. Healthier Together aims to begin conversations with local health

Eat Seasonal With the abundance of seasonal produce that the Sunshine state provides, it’s a great time to add some colorful and nutritious variety to our meals this summer. Eating seasonal produce gives us maximum freshness and flavor. Florida offers a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in every season. In the table below are a few summer seasonal highlights that can be found in grocery stores at reasonable prices. Avocados Eggplant Passion fruit Basil Guava Mushrooms Watermelon Parsley Lychee Peanuts Carambola Mint Spotlight Mangoes Mangoes

As a chef, healthy eating is at the forefront of almost everything I do. Not to say that everything I cook is healthy, at times it may contain butter, pork fat or rich cuts of meat. I do take into consideration health by knowing where my meats, fats, and produce are coming from. I know that my products are coming from a natural source, not pumped with growth hormones, saline solutions, flavor additives, antibiotics, pesticides and the list goes on. I

After indulging—or overindulging—during the holidays, eating fruits and vegetables can be a great way to reset your body and get back to a healthier lifestyle. No one would call me a vegetarian, but fruits and vegetables are the primary part of my diet.  And how could they not? In St. Pete, premium quality fruits and vegetables are in abundance—even at your local gas station. Plus, they are easier on your body, your waistline, and your wallet (this also comes as a

Inspired by the USDA’s “Ten Tips to Make your Holiday Healthy” #1. Colorful meals make healthy meals! Not only does the array of colors look appealing, eating a rainbow of colors ensures we are getting a variety of nutrients. A colorful recipe from the UF IFAS Family Nutrition Program (FNP) “Cooking Matters” course is the Veggie Wrap. Thinly shredded veggies like radishes, bell peppers, carrots, lemon zest, greens, and fresh herbs like cilantro are layered on top of a whole-wheat tortilla