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Five Health Benefits of Yoga

By: Daven Borders, Community Health Leader


Yoga is an ancient practice that involves improving both your mind and body at once. Accomplished yogis cannot only pull off complicated stretches but also possess inner clarity, compassion, and mental peace. Once you start doing yoga, you will find yourself being more reflective and calmer. Along with this, your posture, flexibility, and physical shape will also improve.

If you want to start practicing yoga but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. There are plenty of experienced yogis and yoga therapists out there. You’ll want to start after you read our list where we tell you all the incredible health benefits you’ll get once you start.


#1: Improved heart health

Regular yoga will help improve your heart health. This sounds too good to be true, but it is! If you start doing yoga, your body will help fight off any stress-related inflammation that exists within, your blood circulation will become regular, and you will feel calmer both physically and mentally. Inflammation and bad circulation are two of the leading causes of heart disease, along with hypertension, and obesity. All of these can be addressed through yoga.


#2: Better stress management

Have you ever looked at a yogi and wondered how they seem to be so calm all the time? It’s because regular yoga practice helps your body combat stress and anxiety. This happens because yoga helps you practice mindfulness and is a natural aid to better sleep. Once you regulate stress, anxiety, and sleep, you will find yourself feeling calmer throughout the day.


#3: Reduced back pain

Yoga allows you to incorporate daily stretches into your routine. These stretches are beneficial if you want to fight off lower back pain and ease any knots in your muscles, especially your shoulders. People who experience chronic back pain will find daily yoga stretches highly beneficial and will enjoy a better quality of life.  If you want to benefit from reduced back pain, practice poses like Cat-Cow and Downward Dog regularly.


#4: Reduced inflammation

Practicing regular yoga can help your health by reducing any inflammation in your body. While some inflammation is a normal response to pain or stress, chronic inflammation can lead to significant complications like heart disease and other syndromes. Adding yoga to your day will help you beat and reduce inflammation consistently.


#5: May help with depression

Regular yoga practitioners have reported that yoga helps them fight off the blues, especially if they are consistent with their routine. This is likely true because regular exercise and stretching have been known to reduce cortisol levels, which is known as the stress-producing hormone. Exercise produces serotonin, the hormone that alleviates depression and sadness. You can even combine regular yoga with other beneficial activities like journaling or therapy to boost emotional and mental health!


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