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Take the First Step to Create a Budget

By: Regina Novak (RCM Financial Coaching), Healthier Together Ambassador


A budget is simply your personal spending and saving plan.


Did you know that the majority of people do not have a budget?

That means that most of us have no idea where our money is going. We feel out of control and unsure where to start.

A budget, or as I like to refer to it as your “prosperity plan” is your way of seeing and tracking what’s coming in (income) and what’s going out.

You don’t have to be good at math to make a budget. Most apps and sites will do it for you, and the sheet below will as well!

I also like to bust the myth that a budget is restrictive or has a set of rules you need to follow.


YOU make your budget. And instead of being restrictive, a budget is actually really freeing! When you see your current financial reality, it allows you to take control and decide what’s working and what’s not working when it comes to getting you closer to your financial goals.


If you’ve never made a budget before, that’s ok! Now is the time to start. It will not be perfect the first month so give yourself grace. Month 1 is figuring things out. Check in at least once a week in the beginning. Decide what’s most important. Is my income the problem, and if so, how can I increase my income? Are my expenses outpacing my income due to my own behaviors, and if so, what can I trim down to re-allocate money towards something that is more important (ex: having money for an emergency).


Taking small consistent steps will help you along your journey. Start with your prosperity plan to get a pulse on where you are now so you can make a plan of action to get where you want to be.


Taking the time to budget is worth it. Most importantly, remember that YOU are worth it. Whatever your financial goals are, you are worth taking the steps to get you there!


Click here for a simple budget spreadsheet to get started today!