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BayCare Sponsors Fresh Rec Stop City-wide Expansion

We are thrilled to announce that Healthy St. Pete has received a generous sponsorship from BayCare to expand the Fresh Rec Stop program.

This sponsorship will expand Fresh Rec Stop produce coolers to recreation centers on the city’s west side.  The west side centers that will be receiving the refrigerators are, Childs Park, Campbell Park, Gladden Park and J.W. Cate.  Click here to view all Fresh Rec Stop locations.

The new expansion brings produce coolers to the City’s west side. Visitors to these centers can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables sold at affordable prices. Fresh Rec Stop helps to address food insecurity and health equity in our city.

To learn more about food security in the United States, check out the USDA Food Atlas. Join the Healthy St. Pete Facebook group for more updates and healthy, affordable recipes.