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Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday

Healthy St. Pete joins the Meatless Monday Global Movement and recognizes St. Petersburg restaurants, schools, and workplaces who commit to going meatless one day a week, reducing meat consumption by 15%, for our personal health and the health of the planet, encouraging greater consumption of healthy, locally sourced produce and helping make the healthy choice the easy choice. Interested in learning more about the Meatless Monday Movement? Visit meatlessmonday.com to check out the supportive resources designed for workplaces, churches, schools, and food service locations to lead the way.


Joining the Meatless Monday movement is easy! Submit your pledge to go meatless at least one day per week. Share the Meatless Monday movement campaign information, toolkits, and social media graphics with your organization, church, school, workplace, or community. Be sure to #StPeteMeatlessMonday.

Complete and submit the Meatless Monday pledge and be highlighted in our partners section below. Join us as we make the healthy choice the easy choice in St. Pete!

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