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Tips to Become a Great Pickleball Player

By: Daven Borders, Community Health Leader


Pickleball is a net sport that fuses the components of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong using a paddle and a Whiffle ball. It resembles tennis because a pickleball player hits the ball back and forth over a net to gain points. But the pickleball court is much smaller than a badminton or tennis court.


Brief History

In 1965, a family in Bainbridge Island, Washington had a dog named Pickles. Along with their friends the family devised a fun paddle game with a ball. Pickle was fascinated by the ball as much as the people who introduced the game.

Hence, it was named pickleball, and from there, a new game launched that rapidly became very popular among people of all ages.


The Popularity of Pickleball

For the last few years, pickleball has been the fastest-growing sport in the world. Many reasons justify the popularity of pickleball in recent years, but let us cover a few below:


A primary reason for the popularity of pickleball is that people of all ages can play it. Moreover, many retired individuals enjoy playing it because they can do their exercise in a fun way without the hassle of playing on big tennis courts.

On the other hand, several teenagers and adults find it fun to have an intense game on a small court that involves hand and eye coordination.

Easy To Play:

The thing that makes pickleball convenient is that it is very easy to learn to play. Sports like tennis can take you forever to learn how to hit the ball right and be a proficient player. However, the best pickleball players can quickly get a good serve in because of the paddles and smaller courts.

According to a survey, for most people, it took an hour or so to get the strategy and directives down when they started playing pickleball.


How To Become The Best Pickleball Player:

Here are a few tips about how to become a good pickleball player:

Get A Good Serve:

It is the most important tip to become the best pickleball player your skill improves in pickleball when you start to consistently get a great serve in. Apart from consistency, your aim in serving is to hit the ball in the direction you want.

A lot like serving, the serve return is to hit the ball as deep as possible in the court. And learning to Return the serve to the weak opponent can be an excellent strategy to become the best pickleball player.

Good Equipment and Rules:

If you have good quality equipment, it will improve your game. For example, graphite pickleball paddles are used by pickleball players to boost their performance. You should become familiar with the rules of the game to become the best pickleball player. The rules can be challenging at first but once you have them down you will excel at the game!


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