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A Safe & Spooktacular Halloween

From Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, KidsHealth®

Healthy St. Pete partners with Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and their Fit4AllKids program


Gobbling Down Halloween Goodies

    • Offer a filling meal before your kids head out to trick-or-treat so they won’t scarf down too much of their haul.
    • Consider purchasing Halloween treats other than candy. Stickers, erasers, crayons, pencils, coloring books, and sealed packages of raisins and dried fruits are good choices.
    • Know how much candy your kids have collected and store it somewhere other than their bedrooms. Consider being somewhat lenient about candy eating on Halloween, within reason, and talk about how the rest of the candy will be handled. Let kids have one or two treats a day instead of leaving candy out in big bags or bowls for kids to sample at will. Consider giving some of the treats away.


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